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Most Romantic Places to Propose in Cleveland

If you were thinking of proposing this holiday season why not do it in the most romantic place possible. Here are some ideas around the Cleveland area of romantic places to propose:

Cascade Falls Park in Elyria is a wonderful hidden gem in Lorain County! This park boasts two waterfalls and 145 acres to explore. Romantic walks can be taken on nature paths and can set the scene for a very romantic proposal. 

The Arcade Cleveland–This Victorian-era Cleveland landmark is filled with old fashioned charm and makes the perfect backdrop for this most important memory.


Wild Winter Lights at the Cleveland Zoo

Wild Winter Lights is the perfect romantic backdrop for the holiday season and your proposal! It features more than one million individual lights and goes on through January 2nd.

No matter which venue you choose to pop the question, it is certain to be an amazing new year with your loved one!

Cultivating Inner Peace During the Holiday Season

During this time of year we all find ourselves with fuller schedules than normal. We attend holiday parties, family gatherings, work-related events, plays, concerts etc. . How do we maintain peace in such a busy time of year? Here are a few tips to help during this busy time:

Take time to yourself when you need it!– Never be afraid to step away when you feel overwhelmed and takes time for yourself to put everything in perspective. It is very difficult to give to other people when you are running on empty. Taking time  like this can fill up your inner well and help you focus on others and what is most important.

Eat and Sleep Well–It is easy to indulge this time of year but it really pays off when you eat healthy and sleep well because it offers the energy needed to keep up with all the activities and stress that comes along with the holiday season.

Find Time to Volunteer or Give Your Time--What offers better joy and peace than taking a few hours to volunteer for your favorite charity or offering your time and talents to your community celebration. Giving is truly better than receiving.

No matter what your plans are this holiday season, always remember that when you are at peace, you are more open to giving love and joy to those around you which is what the season is all about.

Happy Holidays!


Writing Sympathy Thank You Notes

When friends and family help us through the loss of a loved one, a good thank you note is essential. But how do we go about t is time to reflect on the wonderful memories and kind gestures that others have shared with us. There is no better way to show gratitude than with a sincere thank you note. Where should you begin? Here are some tips for writing wonderful thank you notes:

  1. Don’t email your thank you notes–Even though we are a digital society in so many ways, this is not an occasion when you want to use a digital platform. Nothing shows care and appreciation as much as a handwritten thank you.
  2. Choose your notecards carefully–Here is where you can make a real statement or add your personality. Pick a fun pattern or something with a theme that relates to your event.
  3. Add photgraphs from the wake or memorial event to create a personalized note–Many photo departments and picture developer websites offer cards that can be created with a special message and photo.
  4. Mention special details that meant a lot about the event to you or some special memory that your loved one shared with you about the person you are writing to. It will make your note more personal and meaningful to its recipient.
  5. Write your thank you notes as soon as possible after the event. Princess Diana used to write her thank you notes the next day after the event or after she received a gift. That is a lofty goal, but trying to write a note as soon as you are able will make a difference.

Thanksgiving Blessings


We all have so much to be thankful for this year–the beautiful fall foliage, our loved ones being safe and healthy, being able to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday this year!

Thanksgiving is not just a U.S. or European holiday. It originated as a harvest festival and is celebrated in countries around the world, and may be either religious or secular. In The Netherlands orthodox Protestants may go to church. Japan’s “Labor Thanksgiving Day” has roots in an ancient Shinto harvest ceremony and is celebrated annually on November 23.

For many it is a day of reflection on appreciating the material comforts of food and shelter… and gratitude with a broader application.

When we meditate on gratitude, the immediate thing that comes to mind is the domestic comfort we all are blessed with, that we can be warm during the winter, cool during the summer….

What are you thankful for?

Support Our Seniors Fundraiser Tomorrow!



Support Our Seniors Levy Committee, a grassroots advocacy group out of Painsville, Ohio, will hold a fundraiser to support this important cause tomorrow October 28, 2021 at 4 pm at the Patrician.

Tickets are on sale for the Support Our Seniors Halloween Bash on October 28! You can get your ticket at any Lake County Senior Center, the Council on Aging, Lifeline, or online at…/support-our-seniors….
The event will feature fun entertainment, raffle baskets, costume contest, and a spaghetti dinner! Proceeds benefit the Senior Services Levy campaign. Get your tickets today! For more information call 440-205-8111. Hope to see you there!