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Planning Your Family Reunion

When it comes to planning a family reunion, it can be a daunting task with many details that must be addressed. However, with careful planning and help a wonderful event that includes wonderful memories and moments can be achieved.

Here are some suggestions to help you plan your event:

1. Delegate! The phrase ” It takes a village” applies to tasks like this in the most practical sense. Relying on other family members to help share in tasks keeps everything manageable.

2. Look for event centers that have a wide variety of price ranges and packages to work with your needs. The Patrician offers a wide range of catering packages.

3. Add personal family memories to the decor for your event. Family members will enjoy reminders of family moments and major events.

4. Always have a back-up plan and start early. This is one situation where Murphy’s Law definitely applies! Being prepared for every eventuality will ensure there are no last minute surprises.

5. Lastly, enjoy the process! It is a wonderful thing to bring loved ones together.

Congratulations to Ruth and Carl Stoudemire on 50 Years of Marriage!



Ruth and Carl Stoudemire will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary here at the Patrician Party Center on Saturday, May 18th! Ruth and Carl are originally from Alabama. They were introduced through their families in 1968 when Ruth was 20 and Carl, 25, had just returned from serving in the Vietnam War. After dating for a year, Ruth and Carl married in 1969 and settled here in Cleveland where Carl worked as a postal carrier. Their three children Lakeisha, Karla and Kimberly recall that growing up in the Stoudemire home was wonderful because of how their parents always made everyone feel so welcome and loved.

We here at Patrician wish the Stoudemires many more years of happiness and are very honored to be a part of celebrating such a wonderful milestone!


Weddings and Anniversaries

We are thrilled to share two sets of photos to celebrate both a wedding – and an anniversary!

Gilmore Wedding Reception

Farroni 25th Wedding Anniversary

Silver (25th) Anniversary Themes

Vintage Anniversary

From 90s couples costume parties to partying like it’s 1919, we’ve got ideas.

Traditional: Silver, silver, silver – to match our graying hair. For a silver anniversary go all out with those swirly wedding calligraphy invites, silver metallic balloons, confetti, even silver Japanese lanterns.

Goofy 80s dress and dance party: Think big hair, Rubiks cubes, day glow fashion and Duran Duran and other mischief. Anyone know how to, like, break dance?

Famous couples costume party: Who was notorious in the 90s? Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain… Johnny Depp and Winona Rider… then Johnny Depp and Kate Moss… and of course Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, aiight?

Vintage: Get the wiggle on, drink some giggle water and put on the Ritz like your great grandparents with everything from sepia photographs to the slang of the time. Dress like sheiks and shebas.

We’ve put together this vintage gallery from the roaring 20s (thanks to the NYPL’s online collection of material whose copyright has expired). Inspiration for typography, fashion and the mood of the time.