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New Year Goals

It is hard to believe but here we are again beginning a new year! 2020 will be a wonderful year especially if we set reasonable resolutions and goals that can be achieved. What are some ways to set attainable goals for the new year? Here are some ideas:

  1. Be specific! The more specific one is about the goal, the more the idea will be kept at the forefront of their mind.
  2. Pick a goal that can reasonably be achieved or begun in the amount of time set. Sometimes a goal may take longer so if you think of it in stages to reach the larger goal, you will ultimately achieve it.
  3. Make sure to reward yourself if you achieve small goals because it will keep you motivated!
  4. Set a small number of goals instead of a large number. If you set a manageable amount, you will be more likely to keep track and reach your desired goals!
  5. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Be kind to yourself if you slip up on your goals–don’t give up, get right back to trying!




Amy’s Adoptables Puppy Palooza 2019!


Join Amy’s Adoptables Saturday, November 9, 2019 for dinner, fundraising activities and music – and help their mission!

Register Now…

Puppy Palooza
911 Dog Rescue Inc. (Amy’s Adoptables)
Saturday, November 9, 2019 from 5 – 10 pm
Event at Patrician Catering 33150 Lakeland Blvd., Eastlake, OH
Tickets $40pp

911 Dog Rescue Inc./Amy’s Adoptables is a non-profit organization founded by Amy Beam. Amy works out of her home and takes in any dog as long as it has the ability to be a family pet. She rehabilitates them and then places them in loving homes.

Please join us to support 911 Dog Rescue inc. Saturday, November 9 for the annual Puppy Palooza event!

Ticket Includes:



Want to volunteer? Contact Amy here.


2020 Wedding Trends

If you recently got engaged then you are probably looking to 2020 for your wedding date. Wondering what some of the wedding trends will be? Here is a list!

Floral Wedding Gowns! –Yes, florals have been showing up everywhere and now they are making an appearance on wedding gowns. Don’t be afraid to try this trend as it is so versatile and can be suited to many different tastes.


Sage Green–This color is becoming a very popular choice for bridesmaid gowns, table settings or decorative themes.

Sustainable Weddings!– Whether you choose to use recycled wedding invitations or to have a plastic free wedding or use a local venue (like the Patrician) there are many ways to incorporate this trend.

Locally Grown Flowers–When it comes to your wedding flowers think seasonal and local. There are always lovely varieties out there.

Whatever trend you choose, have fun and make your special day as unique as you both are!

September 28: Harvest Moon Gala to Benefit Citizens for Today’s Libraries

What is the Mission of Citizens for Today’s Libraries?

The Citizens for Today’s Libraries Committee is the political action committee organized by supporters of the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Library to raise money for and carry out campaigns to ask voters in the library’s seven communities (Eastlake, Willowick, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, Timberlake, Lakeline, and Waite Hill) to support property tax levies for the operations of the Library.  WEPL, like other public libraries in the State of Ohio, rely primarily on local funding to pay for the work of the Library.  WEPL has four vibrant libraries in Eastlake, Willowick, Willoughby, and Willoughby Hills.

Who does your organization benefit?  How does it contribute to the community?

The funds raised by the Citizens for Today’s Libraries go directly to pay for the cost of campaigns to ask the voters of the Library’s communities to support levies that are on ballot.  The library has a renewal levy (that will NOT raise taxes) on the November 2019 ballot and the campaign efforts (yard signs, mailings, etc.) are paid for by the Citizens committee.  If the library cannot pass operating levies, our seven communities risk losing the important services provided by the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Libraries.

You have a wonderful event coming up to help your organization called the Harvest Moon Gala! What will take place at this event?

The Harvest Moon Gala at the Patrician on Saturday, September 28, features the wonderful food of the Patrician, the popular local band “Chance,” a wine pull with over 75 bottles, raffles, and 50/50 games.

Where can we obtain tickets and how much are they? 

Tickets at $50/person are available through and through members of the Citizens for Today’s Libraries. You may also call Rick Werner at 216-543-1969 or email him at if you would like to purchase tickets. Sales end September 20.