Bridal Shower Favor Trends for 2021

Here are some bridal favor shower tends for 2021:

Unique wine stoppers and glasses–Nothing is as beautiful as a decorative wine glass for wine stopper to take home to commemorate an important event. Pick a unique artisan wine glass, stopper or charm for your guests to take home.

Spa or Self Care Kits–Make a self care kit for your guests with things like one of the new face sheet masks, hand cream or spa products, herbal tea, or scented soap. It is nice to slow down and take a moment to breathe.

Pretty Seasonal Planters–succulents look lovey in an interesting planter or container such as baskets or special pottery and make lovely gifts for your guest to take home.

Engraved trinket boxes–Engraving the date of the shower or event or some sentimental message is a wonderful way to remember your special day.

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