Five Valentine’s Day Traditions to Keep Alive

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday for everyone to celebrate. Here are four wonderful Valentine’s Day traditions worth keeping alive:

                                                                       Homemade Cards!

There is nothing as heartwarming as receiving a homemade card from your loved one. Try making one for your special someone this year!


                                                                      Victorian Valentine Puzzle Purses

This charming tradition will make a most unique and creative gift for your loved one. Here is                                                             a link to show how to create one:


                                                                                  Repurposed Chocolate Boxes

What to do with that heart shaped box of candy one it is all gone? Repurpose it by covering                                                             it with lovely paper or fabric and filling it with something special for your loved one.

Give Pressed or Fresh Flowers

It is amazing what a simple rose or a flower that was pressed in a book from a Summer walk can do to                                           express sentimental though or put a smile on someone’s face in the bleakness of winter.

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