New Years Resolutions 2021!


As we say goodbye to one of the most difficult years ever, we look forward to the promise of the New Year–2021!

On December 31, it’s time to wipe away regrets of the past, charge forward to resolve problems and get ahead.

Here are some suggestions for resolutions. Here are that struck us as being fresh:

Treasure your treasures –Improve your relationships!
Pep up your habitat – Feng shui ideas for living rooms!
Wake up to world news – Check it out: Wikipedia has a current news section!
Enrich your vocabulary – has an adaptive learning quiz games

Raise your profile – Forbes: “How to Network Like a Pro”
Become more polite – Books by politeness guru Miss Manners a.k.a. Judith Martin
Reinvent yourself – New York Times – “Reinventing Yourself”

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