2020 Wedding Trends

If you recently got engaged then you are probably looking to 2020 for your wedding date. Wondering what some of the wedding trends will be? Here is a list!

Floral Wedding Gowns! –Yes, florals have been showing up everywhere and now they are making an appearance on wedding gowns. Don’t be afraid to try this trend as it is so versatile and can be suited to many different tastes.


Sage Green–This color is becoming a very popular choice for bridesmaid gowns, table settings or decorative themes.

Sustainable Weddings!– Whether you choose to use recycled wedding invitations or to have a plastic free wedding or use a local venue (like the Patrician) there are many ways to incorporate this trend.

Locally Grown Flowers–When it comes to your wedding flowers think seasonal and local. There are always lovely varieties out there.

Whatever trend you choose, have fun and make your special day as unique as you both are!

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