Kern 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

We would like to celebrate the 10 Year Wedding Anniversary of Valerie and Jake Kern who held their reception here at Patrician. Ten years of marriage is a significant milestone and we thought they might have some thoughts to share on what makes a successful marriage and wedding planning.

PC: How did you both meet?

Val and Jake: We met sixteen years ago, during our sophomore year of college, through a mutual friend we didn’t know we shared.

PC:  After ten years of marriage, what advice would you offer to newlyweds?

Val and Jake: Communication, communication, communication. Find things you enjoy doing together, and also separate. Don’t go to bed angry (sounds cliche, but seriously… don’t do it).

PC:  Do you have any special memories from your wedding day or reception that stand out?

Val: We got to the Patrician (first ones there) and Lisa took us aside and said, “I’d like you to see the space before everyone gets here.” She opened the doors, and everything was so perfect – the cake, everything together, and the colors. Speaking of the cake, we forgot to bring a cake server, and Lisa brought out her Lenox cake server… that was our “something borrowed,” and it really meant a lot to us.

Jake: The early morning of our wedding, around 3:00 AM, Valerie called me in tears because it was raining and the forecast showed rain. She was so worried about the whole day with pictures and everything. I calmed her down and said to get some sleep and we’ll see what happens. When I woke up, she called me and sounded like a different person – the clouds went away and the weather was sunny and perfect the rest of the day.

PC: Since there are so many couples that visit our site because they are planning their wedding, do you both have any advice to keep in when in regard to this?

Val: It’s easy to get caught up in the small details. Zoom out and look at the big picture… ask yourself: is it really worth stressing over?

Jake: Make sure to take the time to enjoy your day. It will fly by, and people will want to spend time with you and expect you to do certain things… but remember, this is your day.

PC:  What do you both think are the most important elements to keep in mind for a wedding reception?

Val and Jake: Music (said in unison)! We still have people telling us our wedding was the best they’d been to, because of the music. Get all the tradition and formalities done early so there’s more time to dance.

We would like to sincerely thank Val and Jake Kern for taking the time to share their memories and thoughts with us about their wedding! Here’s to many more years of joy!

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