Blended Family Wedding Celebration Ideas

When two people marry and create a new family with their children, the ceremony isn’t just about the couple–it is about bringing the whole family together. There are many ways to celebrate the unity of a new family. Here are some ideas for your celebration:

The Sand Ceremony–This is a ceremony where every member of a new family picks a different color of sand or sand from places that hold a special meaning for the couple and combines them in a clear jar to create a layered effect. You can write a blessing or a prayer, or share a song while the ceremony takes place to add to the symbolism.

Family Vows–Have siblings share in the ceremony by writing a blessing and creating family vows that express what it means to be a family

Family Cake Cutting–Have the family take part in the cake cutting (this could be a great photo opportunity!)

Family Sign–The family can create a sign that celebrates the new unity and display it at the reception.

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