Planning Your Family Reunion

When it comes to planning a family reunion, it can be a daunting task with many details that must be addressed. However, with careful planning and help a wonderful event that includes wonderful memories and moments can be achieved.

Here are some suggestions to help you plan your event:

1. Delegate! The phrase ” It takes a village” applies to tasks like this in the most practical sense. Relying on other family members to help share in tasks keeps everything manageable.

2. Look for event centers that have a wide variety of price ranges and packages to work with your needs. The Patrician offers a wide range of catering packages.

3. Add personal family memories to the decor for your event. Family members will enjoy reminders of family moments and major events.

4. Always have a back-up plan and start early. This is one situation where Murphy’s Law definitely applies! Being prepared for every eventuality will ensure there are no last minute surprises.

5. Lastly, enjoy the process! It is a wonderful thing to bring loved ones together.

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