Chef Tim Guarino

Chef TimWhy did you become a chef?
Because I just like working with food, being around food and making people happy.

What is your favorite cuisine, what are your favorite dishes to eat and prepare?
Definitely Italian, anything with pasta. I make ossobuco–veal shanks. Any kid of pasta dishes, fish dishes. Cioppino, a fish stew.

What is your favorite cookbook?
Probably Gordon Ramsay. I like the way he makes sure everything is perfect; he takes pride in his work and everything that leaves the kitchen looks the same.

What do you enjoy about cooking?
It relaxes me.

Chef Tim

What are the new trends in catering?
Some new trends are pork bellies, different types of tacos like fish tacos, sausage tacos and chicken tacos. Short ribs.

Where is your favorite area to grocery shop?
The West Side Market. That’s an easy one. Because of all the different choices and all the different things they have down there. It’s amazing.

What is your favorite restaurant?
Valerio’s in Little Italy. It’s exactly the way Italy does it. If I had one choice to live for six months it would be Italy.


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